Epcon Industrial Systems specializes in custom designing and custom manufacturing of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers, Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers, Direct Fired Oxidizers, Industrial Furnaces, Industrial Ovens and Specialty Finishing Systems.

Epcon has been engineering and manufacturing state-of-the art and leading-edge Thermal Oxidizers since 1977. Our returning customers are a testament to our success in providing innovative solutions around the globe. With thousands of installations worldwide, our team of experts can draw on a deep pool of knowledge to provide our customers with the most innovative solutions at a price they can afford. Simply give Epcon the concept and let our engineering and design team take it from there.

With nearly 4,000 completed systems world wide, Epcon has consistently been a global leader in developing new and innovative air pollution control technology and industrial heating equipment. Epcon specializes in custom designing and manufacturing pre-engineered and pre-tested Air Pollution Control Systems. Epcon's technical staff comprises competent engineers and AutoCAD specialists with in-depth knowledge of our products and the needs of industries we serve. From concept to completion, Epcon's professionals work together to design an efficient, customized product for each customer's unique requirements.

Epcon is one of the few companies in our industry that has its own on-site manufacturing facility. This modern, 250,000 square foot facility with state-of-the-art fabricating machinery allows Epcon to maintain complete control over the project's quality and schedule. Each unit is built with high-quality materials, and because welding is one of the most crucial phases in the fabrication, our welders are both TIG- and MIG-certified.

All systems are preassembled at our facility and undergo rigorous quality checks and testing prior to shipment. Thus, providing reassurance to our customers that the system will perform well when it is delivered and installed.

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