Wrap Spring



The RT Series of
Friction Hinges

Reell Precision Manufacturing designs and manufactures high‐quality custom and standard motion control devices that:

  • Transmit torque
  • Control angular position
  • Protect delicate components from excessive force

Combining the world’s most precisely controlled torque technology, ReellTorq®, with the industry's most experienced design team let’s Reell create  “perfect-fit” solutions for a wide variety of customer applications, including:

  • Laptop screen positioning
  • Copy machine paper handling
  • Automobile floor panel and center console position control
  • Automobile and aircraft headrests
  • Automobile and aircraft entertainment display positioning
  • Automotive door closure cinching and brake mechanisms
  • Medical kiosks
  • Office furniture
  • and much more…

From standard products to custom designed hinges and wrap spring clutches, Reell is committed to meeting customer needs through innovative quality design and manufacturing.

No one understands small-package torque solutions better than Reell, you can rely on Reell for all of your positioning and motion control needs.

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