Techno, Inc. LInear Motion Products Techno, Inc designs and builds their own line of CNC positioning systems, off-the-shelf modular linear motion and pneumatic automation components.

Techno, Inc. Linear Motion Systems offers Gantry Tables, X/Y Tables, Linear Stages, Rotary Tables, Controls and Software. They are used for assembly, inspection, dispensing, pick-and-place, drilling, milling and industrial automation applications.

Techno, Inc. Linear Motion Components offers Linear rails and bearings, guideways, ballscrews, lead screws, ball slides, crossed roller slides and aluminum extrusions. They are used for building assembly, inspection, dispensing, pick and place, drilling, milling, and industrial automation equipment and machines.

Techno-Sommer Automatic stocks over 1000 automation components including the largest selection of grippers available in North America. Other Sommer Automatic pneumatic components include: tool changers, swivel units, linear actuators, rotary actuators, vacuum cup devices, and lubrication products.

Techno, Inc. CNC Routers Techno Industrial - CNC Routers - Techno, Inc. has been in the CNC Technology business for over 18 years and has over 12,000 CNC router installations worldwide. Companies use Techno's machines for all sorts of applications (i.e. CNC cutting, inspection, automated dispensing, reverse engineering, etc.) on a wide variety of surfaces (woods, metals, plastics, MDF, and more). At their 55,000 sq./ft. manufacturing facility, in New Hyde Park, NY, Techno designs and builds their own line of Servo CNC machines, Servo electronics and CNC software. Their quality, designs and experience have allowed Techno, Inc. to make one of the best low cost CNC machines in the market. All CNC routers, accessories, lathes, and software come with a Techno Warranty and knowledgeable Customer Support.

Techno Educational CNC Routers - Techno's Educational Division consists of a vast network of teachers and distributors. Visit their Educational Resources and CNC Project pages to see a variety of applications and projects developed by schools from all over the country.

Techno, Inc has been the North American distributor for Sommer-automatic grippers and automation components for the last 20 years. Sommer-automatic GmbH is one of the world's leading manufacturers of factory automation products since 1979.

Sommer-automatic has developed a reputation for producing some of the most reliable, innovative, and problem-solving grippers. Techno's attention to quality includes machining housings and components from high grade aircraft quality aluminum alloys on state of the art CNC machines instead of casting or extruding. This allows the product to consistently hold the high tolerances that are required by its customers. Some of Techno's notable achievements include:

  • The first 180° degree opening angular grippers
  • Needle Gripper (for picking up fabric and other porous materials)
  • 6-finger & 10 finger O-ring grippers (for stretching and applying o-rings and seals)
  • Rotating jaws (for re-orienting the workpiece while still being gripped)
  • 2 and 3 jaw grippers with sealed 4-sided jaws (for superior resistance to jaw loading)

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