Heatron is an industry leader serving two core business units:

1) thermal management and heating element design and solutions
2) high power LED lighting design and solutions

Heatron is committed to the highest industry standards and remain dedicated to the continuous improvement of thermal management and LED lighting design, manufacturing and assembly solutions. This is precisely the kind of leading edge intelligence and service that Heatron customers have come to expect and rely on from a world class manufacturer.


Founded in 1977, Heatron established a solid business in heating component design and manufacturing.

Expansions to their production facility took place in 1984, and again in 1991, doubling their size. In 1994, their continued growth resulted in another facility expansion to accommodate new products and their expanded production capacity, as a whole.

In 2002, Heatron purchased a fourth production facility, and acquired ECA Electronics, the world's largest producer of custom ELPOR® (electronic porcelain) ceramic coated metal circuit boards, located in Erie, Pennsylvania. Known for their ruggedness, heat sinking capabilities and low cost, they are utilized for a variety of applications in the LED lighting, automotive, appliance, military defense, computer, medical, industrial controls and communication markets. Founded in 1982, ECA Electronics has been dedicated solely to the research, development and volume production of this advanced thick film circuit board technology.

Today, their engineering expertise, continuous research and development, along with their steadfast commitment to technology has allowed Heatron to successfully evolve from component manufacturer to a provider of value-added, end to end solutions for their clients.

Heatron, Inc.
Heatron, Inc.
Heatron, Inc.
Heatron, Inc.

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