The Edge is in the Wedge!

Spiralock is a technologically superior fastening system ideally suited for threaded joint applications subjected to heavy shock and vibration, extreme temperatures, long hours of strenuous operation, and millions of loading cycles without the opportunity for retightening. Our proprietary internal thread form features a unique 30° wedge ramp at the root of the thread that locks the bolt securely in the threaded joint, offering the following benefits:

  • Superior resistance to vibration loosening
  • Improved joint integrity
  • More evenly distributed load
  • Consistent, repeated reusability
  • Elimination of secondary locking devices

Spiralock products include flange nuts, self-clinching nuts, tanged and Drive Notch™ (tang-free) wire thread inserts, threaded inserts, threading inserts, taps and gages, and thread milling cutters as well as a variety of custom-made products that meet our customers’ needs.

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