Leading the world in high-tech instruments, Thermo Scientific helps life science, laboratory, and industrial customers advance scientific
knowledge, enable drug discovery, improve manufacturing processes, and protect people and the environment with instruments, scientific equipment,
and sample-in/knowledge-out solutions. The core capabilities of their scientific instruments are outlined below:

Chromatography Molecular Spectroscopy

NORAN System Six

From simple point-and-shoot microscopes to hyperspectral imaging systems, Thermo Scientific offers an extensive range of its NORAN line of precision products to meet your microanalysis needs. For optical microscopes and imaging systems, their lasers power the tools for sample irradiation and fluorescence studies, as well as for other emerging applications. They also offer a wide range of general-purpose accessories, from objectives to micro-translators.

Key industries:
•Biotechnology •Chemical •Forensics
•Pharmaceutical •Process manufacturing

Surface Analysis

Thermo Scientific provides state-of-the-art surface and thin film surface analysis tools that utilize specialized microanalysis techniques for materials characterization. These tools are utilized in both research and production applications to measure the elemental and molecular composition of materials from macroscopic to microscopic levels.

Key industries:

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Trace DSQ with Trace GC Ultra

With the broadest range of chromatographic separation products in the industry, Thermo Scientific can help companies maximize efficiency and boost productivity by providing "one stop" sourcing for columns for HPLC and LC/MS, chromatography data systems and the Finnigan™ chromatography instruments (GC, GC/MS, LC, LC/MS) including the Finnigan Trace™ DSQ™ GCMS.

Key industries:
 •Chemical •Environmental •Food and beverage
•Forensics •Petrochemical •Pharmaceutical

Evolution 300 UV-Vis

Ideal for investigative analysis or quality control applications, Nicolet™ spectroscopy systems from Thermo Scientific are used to determine the molecular composition of a wide range of complex samples including liquids, solids, and gases. Supported by an expansive range of applications, techniques such as infrared, Raman, UV/Vis, and fluorescence provide a molecular fingerprint for both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Key industries:

•Chemical •Energy •Food and beverage
•Forensics •Petrochemical •Pharmaceutical
•Polymer •Semiconductor 

Elemental Analysis

Mass Spectrometry


Thermo Scientific offers a variety of spectroscopic solutions for organic and inorganic analysis, including atomic absorption (AA), inductively coupled plasma (ICP), ICP mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), X-Ray, Optical Emission (OE), as well as analyzers for organic halogens or carbon, sulfur, chlorine, and nitrogen. Mobile, desktop, laboratory, and automation models are available for fast, accurate analysis of liquids, solids, and powders.

Key industries:
•Environmental •Food and beverage •Metal
•Petrochemical•Pharmaceutical •Semiconductor

Finnigan LTQ-FT™ Linear Ion Trap – Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometer

Thermo Scientific’s industry-leading mass spectrometry solutions offer unmatched sensitivity and specificity, like the new Finnigan LTQ™ – the highest performance ion trap mass spec available. They are tailored to meet the rigorous demands of lab professionals in both research and routine applications such as proteomics, drug discovery, and analytical quantitation.

Key industries:
•Biotechnology •Education •Environmental

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