Malvern Instruments, Inc. - Spraytec Spray Particle AnalyzerMalvern Instruments is a global company that develops, manufactures and markets advanced analytical systems for the characterization of a wide variety of materials, from bulk powders to nanomaterials and delicate macromolecules. Innovative technologies combined with powerful software produce systems that deliver industrially relevant particle characterization, rheological and chemical composition data.

These technologies are combined with robust mechanical designs and comprehensive software to provide systems that support the measurement of the following material properties: particle size and size distribution, zeta potential, particle shape, molecular weight and a range of rheological properties.

On-line, at-line and off-line particle sizing and characterization solutions are provided to meet QA/QC, control and development applications across a diverse range of industries. An extensive support service facilitates the optimal design and exploitation of any given system.

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