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Epoxy Technology, Inc. 
Innovative Epoxy Adhesive Solutions, Celebrating our 50th Anniversary

Epoxy Technology is one of the leading manufacturers of specialty adhesives for use in advanced technology applications. The worlds’ most important companies in the electronics, medical device, semiconductor and fiber optics industries rely on Epoxy Technology’s products for their superior quality and performance. Our products are sold in over 70 countries through a highly qualified network of representatives and distributors.

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Tech Tip 1 - Proper Mixing and Handling of Epoxies (Plastics, Elastomers and Polymers) Proper mixing and handling epoxies eases the application process and allows for the best possible performance of an adhesive. (View Full Article)
Tech Tip 2 - Handling Premixed and Frozen Materials (Industrial Adhesives) Commonly, customers will purchase two component epoxies premixed and frozen in syringes for automated dispensing. This removes the weighing step and ensures that material has already been properly... (View Full Article)