TouchSensor Technologies, LLC, specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of innovative human/machine interface solutions. TouchSensor pioneered the world's only solid-state, software-free, digital switch. Founded in 1996, TouchSensor is a wholly owned subsidiary of Methode Electronics and is located 30 miles west of Chicago in Wheaton, Illinois. TouchSensor Technologies, LLC

TouchSensor is one of the fastest growing electronics companies in North America with over 5,000,000 touch panels produced for products used all over the globe. You see their technology on products that you use everyday…from wall ovens with beautiful glass keypads to state-of-the-art treadmills at the health club to beverage dispensers at fast food restaurants. Leading companies know that consumers form lasting impressions regarding the quality of their products based on the User Interface experience. Finally, designers now have a fresh alternative to old, boring mechanical switches and keypads.

And they are only at the beginning of the journey; TouchSensor has a dedicated R&D lab delving into stunning new combinations of glass, plastics, coatings, semiconductors, and light emitting materials. With more than 30 patents issued and pending, TouchSensor is well positioned to stay on the leading edge of human-machine interface development.

It's the End of the Switch as You Know It

TouchSensor Technologies, LLC Industrial Automation
Reliability and efficiency in automation applications has proven to be enhanced by the introduction of TouchSensor technology. Recognized as “fail safe” by UL, TouchSensor has a wide operating range from – 40°C to 115° C, and has passed industrial levels of IEC specifications for electrical noise. TouchSensor products are deployed in the industrial setting for human touch control, liquid level and position sensing applications.

TouchSensor Technologies, LLC

Consumer Electronics
As consumer product designers and manufacturers advance the look and performance of their products, TouchSensor provides a new level of control and feel. TouchSensor provides consumers the latest in fingertip control while giving manufacturers attractive cost and performance characteristics.

TouchSensor Technologies, LLC

The durability of the solid-state TouchSensor combined with its strong aesthetic appeal has enabled broad acceptance in a wide variety of commercial categories:

  • Vending
  • Gaming
  • Fitness
  • Medical
TouchSensor Technologies, LLC Appliances
TouchSensor’s interface panels are being used by many appliance OEMs worldwide. Products currently incorporating TouchSensor panels include wall ovens, ranges, cooktops, washers/dryers, refrigerators, and dishwashers. TouchSensor has allowed product designers and engineers to cost-effectively combine completely new looks with robust, solid-state keypads. The newest user interface designs in appliances are incorporating TouchSensor’s technology for backlighting touch pads (patents-pending).

TouchSensor Technologies, LLC

Streamlining control and cockpit design while reducing operator distraction and fatigue is a major initiative among vehicle designers and manufacturers. TouchSensor delivers an innovative alternative to present switch and control systems along with the cost effectiveness and robustness OEM’s demand.

TouchSensor Technologies, LLC

Fluid Level Sensors
TouchSensor has parlayed its success in the touch activated user interface market with expansion into fluid sensors. The same technology that is used in appliances and fitness equipment can also be used to sense the presence or absence of aqueous solutions. The unique ability to externally mount their sensors on plastic or glass walls is a distinct advantage in allowing the OEM user a non-invasive method to sensing aqueous solutions.

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