Optical InterLinksOptical InterLinks (OIL) is a leading supplier for design, development and manufacture of custom optical interconnection products. Their application specific products are based on unique and proprietary technologies for creating polymer waveguides under the name GuideLink™ and novel optical fiber ribbon configurations under the name DistributionLink™. OIL’s core technologies for polymer waveguides have been under development since 1998. These technologies are based on proprietary light induced self developing multi-constituent polymer materials and unique processing. Initial formulations and processing were originally developed at DuPont starting in 1985 by the founding team now employed at Optical InterLinks. OIL’s GuideLink™ process enables polymer waveguide configurations and versatile design options unavailable elsewhere to be developed interactively with their customers to meet a broad range of application specific connectorized and packaged product requirements. The combination of OIL’s proprietary custom fiber ribbon and GuideLink™ waveguide products provides a full range capability for optical interconnectivity solutions. Pilot production quantities have been achieved with a path forward defined for manufacturing scale up for which their technologies are most amenable.

Products and Applications
Responding to diverse customer requests for multimode polymer waveguides and hybrid fiber ribbons, current applications span aerospace, high speed computer chip and board level interconnections, flexible / bendable circuits, sensor heads, bio diagnostic testing, optical signal processing and velocity measurements for military applications.. Generic product categories for OIL’s customer driven products are listed below:

  1. Point-to-point array links for chip-to-chip and board-to-board interconnections and for multi-channel transmitter and receiver module connectivity.
  2. Functional polymer waveguide components such as star couplers, splitters, and combiners.
  3. Novel polymer waveguide configurations for sensors and multi-wavelength devices.
  4. Optical fiber ribbon products.

Product Applications and Representative Customers:
Representative customers for whom the above products and capabilities were developed include a range of large and small companies and universities located worldwide. Some customers that span these product categories include in alphabetical order: Bechtel, Boeing, Cambridge Consultants, General Dynamics, Intel, Lockheed Martin, Micronor, New Span Opto-Technolgogy, OptiComp, Physical Optics Corp., Samsung, Stratos (Div.of Emerson), sub Q, and others. Evolving customer driven product specifications and performance requirements provide OIL’s justification to continue to optimize, advance and verify their core technologies, product designs and capabilities. This Global Spec product listing includes example generic products, associated capabilities, unique attributes and detailed performance specifications.

Current focus and path forward
In addition to on-going product design and prototype developments Optical InterLinks continues to enhance core technologies for practical applications. OIL is progressively modifying the guide formation process and the multi-constituent polymer / monomer formulation with the goal to develop enhanced performance capability to meet anticipated customer requirements. Developments are underway in conjunction with a major university aimed at second generation optical array coupling for diverse and manufacturing tolerant board level interconnectivity. Advances continue to be developed in over all novel connectivity and process improvements to enhance manufacturability in response to anticipated on-going customer programs. Developments and concepts are regularly evaluated to enhance their proprietary position thru patent filings or elect to keep them as trade secrets.

OIL continues to seek new opportunities and customers for collaborative product development programs. In addition, whenever market conditions justify long range commitments OIL seeks new investments to provide the resources to exploit their unique core technology capabilities leading to commercially deployable products.

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