PLITRON Manufacturing Inc.

Plitron Manufacturing Inc was established in 1983 and specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of toroidal transformers.

PLITRON toroidal transformers are widely specified and preferred for demanding applications in audio, medical, broadcast, telecommunications, computer, power conditioning, and other industrial sectors.

With thousands of designs, PLITRON engineering is skilled at meeting the requirements of OEM customers for custom solutions.

PLITRON has an organized and ongoing Research and Development program, to constantly evolve the state of the art of toroidal transformer technology.

The major part of PLITRON's production is dedicated to custom design and manufacturing to meet the requirements of OEM users.

To meet the increasing global demands for toroidal transformers, PLITRON developed off-shore facilities in India and China as a source for higher volume, lower cost, toroidal transformers.

Plitron offers standard products for power supply, medical isolation, and audio applications which can be ordered and shipped anywhere. More than 400 standard products are available in the E-CATALOG section of Plitron's website.

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