Toll Processing
ISO 9001: 2008 Registered and FDA Registered cGMP Custom Processing Services
Offering Jet and Mechanical Milling, Laboratory Tested, Finished Sizes in the Submicron to 200 Micron Range.

Milling Equipment Micron-Master
Pulverizing is accomplished by high velocity particle on particle collisions. Mills are powered by compressed gas (air, nitrogen, dry steam or other gasses) and can achieve a fineness of 0.25-44 Micron APS (average particle size) with an extremely tight distribution. Robust liner options include Stainless Steel, Alumina, Tungsten Carbide, Silicon Carbide, Polyurethane, PTFE and Rubber. Made in USA.

LiquaJet LLC
This technology is for compounds that are thought to be tough to grind or have been considered ungrindable. Materials that could only be reduced to a 100-200 micron average can now be brought down below a 30 micron average. The LiquaJet mill is powered by compressed liquid nitrogen, unlike other traditional jet milling technologies that operate on compressed gas. This is high energy jet milling for high value materials.

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Custom toll processor and manufacturer of the Micron-Master® precision jet pulverizer mill.  Established in 1946, servicing the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, chemical, pigment, ceramic industries and other high-quality, high-purity industries. Specializing in size reduction of dry powders in the range of 0.25 to 200 micron APS (average particle size). Toll Processing division features jet and mechanical milling technologies with the capacity to process multiple truck loads of material  Offering test grinding and process development services. Particle Sizing Lab on site with laser diffraction, Multisizer™, FSSS and screening equipment. Milling System Sales division features precision engineered and manufactured jet mills for standard, industrial and sanitary processing applications. Mills are designed to grind any type of crystalline or friable material and capable of processing up to 10,000 PPH. Milling systems are available complete with feeder, jet mill and collection. FDA registered cGMP facility; ISO 9001:2008 Registered.

Jet Pulverizer Company (The)
Jet Pulverizer Company (The)
Jet Pulverizer Company (The)
Jet Pulverizer Company (The)
Jet Pulverizer Company (The)

Toll Processing and Equipment Sales

We specialize in size reduction of
dry powders in the range of
0.5 to 44 microns.

Jet Pulverizer Company (The)


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