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Integra Enclosures manufactures and markets engineered thermoplastic enclosures designed for use in electrical construction, water treatment, car wash, telecommunication, instrumentation, utility, machine building, HVAC, or any other application requiring enclosures which are non-corrosive, non-conductive, easy to install and modify, and competitively priced.

Integra Enclosures all share the patented Integra Panel Suspension System which allows infinite range of motion of a panel within the enclosure. This feature, along with several other design improvements over existing products, makes Integra an exciting alternative to the traditional suppliers now in the market.

Offering the best designs coupled with superior customer service, Integra is uniquely positioned to serve your enclosure needs. Please give them a call or send them an email, and let’s talk about how Integra can help you...

Mission Statement

Integra Enclosures and its employees are committed to being the world’s leading Innovator – Manufacture - Supplier of thermoplastic NEMA style enclosures.

Integra Enclosures will remain focused on providing the best and most innovative products and services, the best customer service, and the quickest and consistent delivery in the world.


For Industry Applications

Integra enclosures provide perfect protection for a range of industries and environments. From remote monitoring and energy to water treatment and petrochemical applications, their strong and durable polycarbonate enclosures offer superior performance at an excellent value.

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