Leadership through Innovation

For over thirty years, Acrison has maintained a leadership position in the application of unique and innovative technologies for dry solids metering and handling. Acrison's focused, user-driven approach to equipment design is the guiding principle to its ongoing success, and the reason that Acrison is a leading global supplier of volumetric and gravimetric feeders, continuous blenders, bin discharging mechanisms, water treatment packages and related control systems to processing industries of every description.

Excellence through Design and Engineering

Acrison's mechanical designs are widely recognized as the most viable, versatile and durable in the industry. From a broad variety of dry solids multiple auger metering and hoppering mechanisms, to ultra-high resolution, calibration and adjustment-free, non-load cell based weighing systems, continuous blenders and others, Acrison's numerous mechanical developments are engineered and designed to deliver maximum flexibility and optimum performance.

Acrison also stands alone in the industry as a developer, designer and manufacturer of controls and control systems, ranging from basic variable speed volumetric feeder controllers to a variety of advanced multiprocessor weigh feeder controllers, including a technologically superior supervisory system that has revolutionized the control of feeder systems throughout the processing industries.

Unmatched Reliability

Acrison strongly considers the rigors of an industrial environment in the design and manufacture of its equipment. These environments are varied and often difficult, with harsh conditions prevailing. By manufacturing its equipment for unrivaled longevity and dependability, with the intent of trouble-free operation from the beginning, Acrison has achieved and sustains, by far, the lowest parts failure rate in the industry. Life cycle analysis conducted across a broad spectrum of industrial users clearly shows that Acrison equipment offers the lowest cost of ownership of any equipment of its type available. Acrison systems and feeders installed over 25 years ago are still in daily use, metering an endless variety of products in thousands of installations worldwide. Even electronic upgrades to present day technology represent an easy and inexpensive undertaking.

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