Thin-Cake Pressure and Vacuum Filtration Technologies for batch and continuous operations from high solids to clarification applications...

BHS-Sonthofen GmbH, founded in 1563, is a leader in technology and innovation. BHS worldwide specializes in thin-cake (3 mm up to 75 mm) filtration, cake washing and drying technologies.

Its U.S. subsidiary, BHS-Filtration Inc. located in Charlotte, North Carolina provides for manufacturing, process & project engineering, customer service, spare parts, on-site rental systems and filtration and process laboratory testing services for the chemical, pharmaceutical and energy / environmental industries in North and South America. BHS completes the single-source process solution with PLC control systems with FAT and SAT tests, tanks & pumps, piping and instrumentation skids, and on-site assistance.

BHS-Filtration Inc.'s typical applications include:

  • Fine & Specialty Chemicals
  • Agricultural Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Specialty wastewater clarification
  • Catalyst and activated carbon recovery
  • Refinery scrubbing solvents
  • Replacement of filter presses, manual plate filters, centrifuges, nutsche filters, and other conventional units
  • Customized Systems

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