Electric Motor Test and Monitoring Solutions from SKF USA

SKF USAis the industry leader in electrical motor test and monitoring equipment for condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, motor manufacturing and repair. SKF provides a wide range of test products for static (off-line) motor testing and dynamic (in-service) motor monitoring that assist maintenance professionals in avoiding unexpected downtime and electric motor failure. SKF motor test and monitoring solutions find problems prior to failure to reduce or eliminate the costs of unplanned downtime and emergency motorized equipment repair.

Formerly known as Baker Instrument, SKF's electric motor test and monitoring solutions are developed and manufactured in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

Static, Dynamic and Online Motor Testing Equipment

Instrumentation to fit the needs of professionals providing predictive maintenance and condition monitoring of electric motors and rotating machinery. Designed to provide dynamic or online motor monitoring and static motor testing results to keep motors running efficiently

Static motor test equipment
Dynamic monitoring equipment
Online motor analysis system
Motor quality control systems
Benchtop motor quality control products
Static motor analyzer accessories
Dynamic motor analyzer accessories

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