Thermshield, LLC - Heat Pipe CoolerThermshield, LLC is a premier thermal management, thermal cutoff device and EMI / RFI shielding solution provider offering exceptional value to customers, outstanding opportunity to employees, and attractive returns to share holders while treating suppliers fairly and receiving recognition for corporate citizenship within the community.

Founded 1990 as Cambio International the formal name change was completed in 1999 to Thermshield to accomplish name focus in thermal management and shielding.

Strategic Affiliate Manufacturing Sites (SAMS) in Asia, Europe and America offer uncompromising flexibility and responsiveness to application specific, as well as, standard products. A market driven design philosophy, offering worldwide support for cost effective, readily producible solutions feeds demand to the most effective SAMS worldwide. At every level of the company, passion for customer service, on time delivery and exceptional quality completes the package of a premiere world supplier.

Defining and designing solutions with the customer in mind; aggressively marketing and selling in a dynamic world market place; supplying exceptional value with attention to detail to service customers of all sizes: these are the cornerstones of Thermshield, LLC.

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