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About Powder Metallurgy/Powder Metal Parts (P/M)

P/M is a high volume manufacturing process of close tolerances; excellent finish and high wear ability, with the capability of producing irregular complex shaped parts. P/M is a “chipless” manufacturing process using 97% of the raw material in the finished part which translates into energy and material savings.

About Perry Tool & Research – 48 Years of Excellence

Perry Tool & Research has over 48 years of expertise in manufacturing, engineering solution and quality assurance in production of Powder Metal Parts for OEM companies worldwide. Perry Tool & Research specializes in producing gears, precision pulleys, bearings, cams, sprockets, fasteners, soft magnetic components, and many other complex, multi-level close tolerance mechanical parts.

Perry Tool & Research staff offer assistance in design solution, material selection, tolerance consideration or questions you may have. Please contact Perry Tool & Research, Inc. to discuss your specific requirements.

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