Let Saturn Industries show you the way to produce the highest quality EDM electrodes at the lowest cost....for one piece or thousands.

Give Saturn Industries your hardest job (your easy ones too!) and see how they respond.  In machining, engineering, support, service, and delivery you will like the results- guaranteed!  Now in their 50th year of operation Saturn has provided precision services to a wide range of clients, and industries including but not limited to Munitions, Aerospace, Automotive, Electronic, and Nuclear. 

Send Saturn Industries your prints, DXF, IGES, or Solid Works files and discuss them.

Saturn's EDM division provides electrode design, technical consulting, and material selection assistance to produce parts more efficiently and economically. They provide their customers with the finest precision machining available for today's highly complex EDM applications. 

EDM Electrodes


From critical machining where extremely fine detail is required to forging and die cast, where detail and surface finish are not as critical. Saturn's expertise and commitment to quality assures you of the highest quality product at a price you can afford.

Saturn's in-depth knowledge of the EDM process is based on years of manufacturing electrodes for thousands of different applications. In fact, Saturn's breadth of experience covering both graphites and metals, is unique in the industry. 

There is probably no EDM electrode type Saturn hasn't seen, or EDM electrode problem they haven't overcome. Understanding the properties and performance characteristics of the various EDM materials for the job. When more than one type of electrode is suitable, Saturn can direct you to the material or grade that offers the best balance of performance and cost.

For the finest machining services on Earth, you have to come to Saturn.

Visit Saturn Industries' online store, GRAPHITESUPPLIES, Your Online Graphite and Specialty Metal Resource.

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