Sterlitech Corporation specializes in inorganic filter membranes and bench scale testing equipment for a variety of industries, including the occupational health and safety, petrochemical, fossil fuels and biotech industries. For precision and accuracy, their membrane disc filters, filter holders, and syringe and capsule filters assure exceptional results.

The filtration products the company manufactures and markets can be used in reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration or microfiltration and are used in a variety of industries, including occupational health and safety, petrochemical, fossil fuels and biotech.

Sterlitech Corporation Membrane Disc Filters include the Sterlitech Silver Metal filter, track etch (polycarbonate, polyester) filters, unique ceramic, and others. Sterlitech Corporation Small Filter Devices are disposable membrane encapsulated holders. Products include syringe and capsule filters.
Sterlitech Corporation Pressure Filtration is used for for liquids and gases. Holders are available in stainless steel or plastic (PFA, polypropylene). Sterlitech Corporation Vacuum Filtration is used primarily in microbiological and analytical procedures. Products include glass filter flasks, filter funnels (up to 90 mm in diameter), pumps, and manifolds.
Sterlitech Corporation Bench Scale Test Equipment includes crossflow and stirred cells designed to perform a wide variety of high pressure membrane separations Sterlitech Corporation Solid Phase Extraction is used for isolation and concentration of analytes from liquid samples. Empore SPE products include discs, plates, and cartridges.

Located in Kent, Washington, Sterlitech Corporation was founded in 2001 by Mark Spatz.

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