RFID, Inc. is a privately held C Corporation incorporated in the State of Nevada doing business as RFID America in Denver, Colorado. Although its products have been in existence since 1984, RFID inc. was incorporated in 1997 by 2 employees (who had been in their employ for 8 years each), and a former product distributor of The Telsor Corporation. RFID, inc. was formed for the sole purpose of purchasing from The Telsor Corporation; their Industrial Identification Products Division. Those products have been renamed R cubed and 3 new product lines have been developed since the purchase. With a one year licensing right to the name Telsor, the company operated as TelsorRFID, Inc. for that year before making the planned transition to simply RFID, Inc.

Going farther back, in 1984, 3 executives left the company, Identification Devices Inc. (IDI), to form The Telsor Corporation. Although IDI exists today focused on animal identification, IDI later sold some of its technology to Hughes who is today HID. The engineer who founded IDI’s technology was one of the 3 founders of The Telsor Corporation. Telsor’s focus was industrial identification. In 1995 Simon Enterprises, manufacturers of automobile immobilizer systems, and The Telsor Corporation merged forming a single entity. In 1997, the above explained purchase occurred whereby RFID, Inc. purchased from The Telsor Corporation the exclusive ownership rights to its proprietary industrial identification systems and its customer base.

Why does RFID, Inc. elaborate so? They would like you to know the experience and expertise that has gone into its product line, and the experience of their current owners. RFID, Inc. is the proprietary owner of its own Reader technology and silicon wafers which derive the eeprom memory chips. An understandable yet ugly question quite often posed is "so whose chips do you use? TI? Philips?"

Their answer: RFID, Inc. uses their own as well as chips from many other manufacturers depending upon the application and the customer's request. Their proprietary chips were the first RFID technology introduced to many markets in the United States and has been actively supported ever since. RFID, Inc. also uses Tag and Reader chips from the likes of TI, Atmel (Temic), EM Microelectronics, Philips and Microchip.

Stated short term goals for RFID, Inc. have been the development of new product lines for the purpose of widening its market and applications scope, yet stay flexible enough to quickly identify and react to new product and market challenges in this ever growing, quick to evolve radio frequency identification market.

Stated long term goals for RFID, Inc. - are an increase in market share through the offering of those new products, which ultimately leads to increased sales (in a growing market).

RFID, Inc. is focused on the manufacture for resale of its RFID systems in off the shelf forms to End Users, Resellers, Integrators, VARS, as well as the development of new RFID systems for OEM’s interested in customized systems for incorporation into their own product offerings. A particular new focus has been made to develop Readers to customer specification for users interested in basing their own solutions on the many generic, configurable Transponder chips found on the market today by, for example, Microchip, Atmel, Philips, Temic, etc.

RFID, Inc. maintains their offices and manufacturing in Colorado, using industrial distributors, integrators, and resellers to maintain local support and representation across the United States. Please see their pricing policy and Statement of Oath to Resellers on their website under the link "References/Customer List."

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