Since its beginnings in 1921, Magnus Equipment has firmly established itself as a world leader in the design and manufacture of industrial parts cleaning equipment using specialized immersion cleaning technology. Standard and custom systems are produced for parts cleaning, degreasing, and metal treatment using both aqueous and safety solvent systems for parts ranging from small intricate precision items to very large heavy machine parts. Magnus knows and understands all aspects of parts cleaning and metal treatment and are experts at developing robust cleaning processes with consideration for material handling, automation, worker safety, environmental issues and operating costs.

Always keeping ahead of industry needs, Magnus recognizes and understands the trends for industrial parts washers and systems that utilize less floor space, reduce chemical and water consumption, generate fewer effluents and produce clean parts at the lowest cost to the user. They are continually working to improve their existing products, as well as introducing new technologies, adding to Magnus' reputation for quality and durability. Over their 92 years they have installed more than 60,000 industrial parts cleaning systems world wide, many of which are still in use after more than 30 years of service.

In 2004 Magnus acquired Power Sonics, a manufacturer of industrial magnetostrictive ultrasonic cleaning equipment and systems. They believe the combined technologies of these two companies provides the ability to expand their existing product lines offering their customers more industrial parts cleaning and processing options to best meet their needs. For all your industrial parts cleaning and processing challenges, look first to Magnus Equipment to provide you the right solution.

Magnus Equipment
Magnus Equipment

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