3M Aerospace and Aircraft Maintenance Division
The Aerospace and Aircraft Maintenance Division is 3M's voice to the global aerospace industry and represents all 3M products to the original equipment manufacturers, military and commercial maintenance providers.

Major Markets: Manufacturers/assemblers and sub-contractors of aircraft including commercial, military, civil, business jet, space and missiles. Maintenance, repair and overhaul operations for airlines, air couriers, military branches and third party contract maintenance providers.

Direct Sales: Sales are direct or through select distribution for aerospace structural adhesive and polyurethane protective tape and boot products:

Phone: 1-800-235-2376 in the U.S.A.; 651-737-6501 outside the U.S.A.
Fax: 1-800-421-2483 in the U.S.A.; 708-338-5602 outside the U.S.A.

Distribution: General maintenance products (abrasives, general liquid adhesives, double-coated and single-coated tapes, respirators, etc.) are sold through industrial distribution suppliers and aerospace specialty distribution.

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