Dicronite Dry Lubrication

Developed as part of NASA’s space exploration program, Dicronite® by Lubrication Sciences International is the trusted dry lubrication technology for the aerospace, plastics molding, medical devices, mechanical equipment, semiconductor and food processing industries.

Keys to Dicronite's wide range of applications are its:

  • Ultra-low coefficient of friction (μ=0.030)
  • Precision film thickness of 0.5 micron maximum (0.000020 inches)
  • Wide functional temperature span: -188º C to +538º C (up to +1316º C in vacuum)
  • Near ambient temperature (max 35º C) application process

Based on these key values, Dicronite is proven world-wide for:

  • Friction and wear reduction
  • Anti-seize/anti-galling
  • Plastic mold release
  • Co-lubrication enhancement in combination with oils and greases
  • In place of conventional lubricants in high-vacuum/temperature situations

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