Pentair Thermal Management

Tyco Thermal Controls is a world leader in heat-tracing, fire & performance wiring and sensing solutions for the oil & gas, power, food & beverage, chemical, water and other process industries, as well as for the commercial and residential construction markets.

The company has more than 2,000 employees in 56 countries and they provide innovative solutions to the most challenging heat-tracing, wiring, sensing, leak detection, specialty heating, temperature measurement and floor-heating applications.

Pentair Thermal Management - Heat Tracing Tyco Thermal Controls proudly offers a complete line of heat-tracing products and services for a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and residential applications, including process temperature maintenance, pipe freeze protection, & more. Pentair Thermal Management - Snow Melting & De-Icing Tyco Thermal Controls offers the leading electric heating solutions for industrial, commercial and residential snow melting and roof & gutter de-icing applications. Their snow melting product line can decrease slip and fall liability.

Pentair Thermal Management - Specialty Heating

Tyco Thermal Controls' specialty heating products are designed to provide unique electrical heating solutions used in Industrial, Laboratory, Automotive, Packaging, Telecommunications and Food Service applications.

Pentair Thermal Management - Floor Heating

Raychem electric floor heating systems can be used for new construction and they are ideal for renovation projects. They are designed to increase comfort at home while saving on heating costs.

Pentair Thermal Management - Temperature Measurement

Tyco Thermal Controls' temperature measurement product line is composed primarily of mineral insulated thermocouple and RTD cables & sensors which can be used for a variety of temperature measurement applications.

Pentair Thermal Management - Leak Detection

Leak detection systems provide early detection of leaks in a piping network or tank farm. These systems are capable of detecting leaks and pinpointing the location of virtually any aqueous chemical, as well as a wide range of hydrocarbon compounds.

Pentair Thermal Management - Fire and Performance Wiring

Tyco Thermal Controls' fire and performance wiring products are designed to provide industrial and commercial environments with the benefits of both polymeric insulated and mineral insulated technologies.

Pentair Thermal Management - Services

Heat-tracing services are available for a full complement of industrial and commercial heat-tracing applications. They provide services for any and all phases of a project including design, project management, supervision, installation and maintenance.

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