Custom Downstream Systems, Inc. (CDS)CDS designs, manufactures, and services a complete line of downstream extrusion machinery for processors of polymer-based pipes, profiles, and tubes. CDS is based in Montreal, Canada and operates a network of sales agencies in North America and abroad.

Quick history

CDS originated from former Canada-based Metaplast, which manufactured extrusion equipment for over two decades. Incorporated in 1997, CDS quickly became recognized for its robust, customized machinery and dedicated customer service. Read more at www.cdsmachines.com.

Downstream extrusion products

CDS's extrusion machinery is grouped into the following categories:

Spray Cooling Tanks
Water Cooling Tanks
Vacuum Sizing Tanks
Profile Air Cooling Tables
Vacuum Calibration Tables

Belt Pullers
Cleat Pullers
Pipe Pullers
Slab/Rod Pullers
Roll Pullers

Traveling Saws
Fly-knife Cutters
Guillotine Cutters
Planetary Saws & Cutters
Cross Cut Saws

Embossing Stands
Brush/Scouring Tables
Annealing Tables
Cutter-Punch Units

Embossing Stands
Brush/Scouring Tables
Annealing Tables
Cutter-Punch Units


CDS's machinery and post-extruder systems can be customized for the most demanding extrusions of pipe, profile, and tubular applications. Primarily designed for thermoplastic materials, CDS’s products can also process copper, rubber, aluminum, and foam-based semi-finished products.

CDS, an Original Equipment Manufacturer

From design to delivery of final product, their extensive capabilities enable them to produce machinery and systems that meet the precise needs of their customers.
In addition, CDS employs the following functions:

  • 3D computer modeling
  • Tool design
  • Electrical discharge machining (EDM)
  • Wire EDM
  • Computer numerical control machining (CNC)
  • CNC milling
  • Manual milling
  • Surface grinding
  • Welding
  • Painting
  • More…

CDS is affiliated with technology-driven manufacturers in the extrusion industry to deliver a wide range of turnkey solutions to its customers. Some of their affiliates include:
Custom Downstream Systems, Inc. (CDS)


At CDS, they have a tradition of backing great products with great service. They respond quickly and efficiently to all service-related requests, whether it's for a technician to repair your machine onsite or a replacement part to be sent overnight to your premises. You can also email your requests and inquiries to service@cdsmachines.com

Custom Downstream Systems, Inc. (CDS)

Custom Downstream Systems, Inc. (CDS)

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