American Friction Welding, one of the largest full-service Friction Welding Job Shops in the US, provides high quality friction welding and turn-key products that are manufactured to exact customer and industry specifications.

American Friction Welding, Inc. American Friction Welding, Inc.

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From prototypes to full production, you'll chose American Friction Welding as your cost-effective  solution for:

  • Process Analysis
  • Design Engineering
  • Quality Control
  • Testing

Add KanBan inventory and logistical support services and you’ve got AFW's Friction Welding Advantage!

Friction Welding Advantage

  • Enables joining of dissimilar materials normally not compatible for welding by other joining methods (See “List of Material Combinations”)  
  • Creates narrow, heat-affected zone
  • Consistent and repetitive process
  • Joint preparation is minimal – saw cut surface used most commonly
  • Faster Turn-Around Times - compared to the long lead time of forging, which are currently 6 months or longer
  • Greatly increases design flexibility - choose appropriate materials for each area of a blank
  • Suitable for diverse quantities - from single prototypes to high-volume production
  • No fluxes, filler material, or gases required
  • Environmentally friendly process – no fumes, gases, or smoke generated
  • Solid state process – no possibility of porosity or slag inclusions
  • Creates cast or forge-link blanks - without expensive tooling or minimum quantity requirements
  • Reduces machining labor, thereby reducing perishable tooling costs, while increasing capacity
  • Full surface weld gives superior strength in critical areas
  • Reduces raw material costs in bi-metal applications.  Expensive materials are only used where necessary in the blank
American Friction Welding, Inc.
American Friction Welding, Inc.
American Friction Welding continually strives to build and maintain long-term partnerships with our clients to ensure success for everyone.

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