Hastest Solutions Inc. is a company committed to providing solutions in the field of reliability testing. Founded by technically inclined individuals to provide solutions in the field of highly accelerated stress test, commonly referred to as "HAST", as well as other environmental testing products related to temperature and humidity.

Hastest's staff is comprised of people with over 45 plus years in the field of reliability testing. The corporation is dedicated to the sale, service, technical and after sales support of two major product lines: HAST pressure vessels by the pioneers in this field, The Hirayama Manufacturing Company, in Japan, and environmental test chambers by the world leader in temperature and humidity chambers, Isuzu-Seisakusho of Japan.

Hastest Solutions Inc.
  HAST Products

The "Hirayama" Advantage for Highly Accelerated Stress Test [HAST].

  • Patented "Dual Vessel Technology".
  • Virtual, Condensation Free Test Vessels.
  • Ultra Accurate, Repeatable and Error Free Chambers.
  • "Contamination Free" by Design Architecture.
  • Automated Door Closing Mechanisms with Safety Interlocks.

    Hastest Solutions Inc.
      Environmental Test Chambers

    Isuzu Environmental Test Chambers (Temperature and Humidity Test Chambers).

  • Latest State-of-the-art Chamber Design.
  • Excellent Refrigeration Control for Energy Saving.
  • Stainless Steel Construction for Extended Life.
  • Airflow Uniformity Guarantees Stable and Consistent Operations.
  • Touch Screen Control Panel for Ease of Operation.
  • 256 Step Programming with 100 Hours of Timer Capability.

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