4D Technology Corporation4D Technology designs and manufactures laser interferometers for accurate measurement of optics and optical grade surfaces. Patented Dynamic Interferometry technology enables measurement despite vibration or air turbulence, or where rapid motion has previously precluded interferometric measurement. 

4D has adapted its award winning technology to a wide variety of applications, including: factory-floor inspection of optics; surface and wavefront characterization of large telescope mirrors and systems; metrology for CD/DVD/Blu-ray pick-up heads, disk drive media and adaptive optics; and shape measurement of large carbon fiber structures. 4D has collaborated with many prestigious institutions and companies to develop, and deliver, accurate metrology for tough environments and difficult measurements.

The world around us is in constant motion. 4D’s innovative measurement systems are designed for real-world, dynamic environments and are transforming how and where laser interferometers are used. Innovative, dynamic and adapting: 4D Technology.'

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