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Memsense is a market leading supplier of high performance MEMS-based inertial measurement units (IMUs). Memsense IMUs provide outputs of angular rate, acceleration and magnetic field. Memsense IMUs employ advanced algorithms and sensor architectures to achieve industry leading performance levels. The Memsense family of IMUs provide robust operation in extreme environments due to their full encapsulation in ultra-compact aluminum housings in addition to the extensive test and calibration processes utilized in their manufacture. The family of IMUs offer simple user configuration options that allow the IMUs to be tuned to specific applications with configurable bandwidth, sample rate, dynamic ranges, 1 PPS input and other measurement parameters. The entry level MS-IMU3020 provides the best performance per dollar, the MS-IMU3030 offers the highest performance in the smallest package while the MS-IMU3050 features the highest MEMS performance available. In every segment of the MEMS IMU market you will find a Memsense IMU leading in performance and value.

 MS-IMU3020 Leading Inertial Measurement Price to Performance    

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