OceanServer Technology, Inc.

OceanServer Technology, Inc. is a privately held company, established in 2003 to develop unique product solutions for embedded and OEM applications.  The founders bring a breadth of product development experience from 30 years in the commercial computer industry to focus on innovation opportunities for electronic and electromechanical solutions in the fields of battery-based power management, sensor technologies and robotics. Our products today have been integrated into a variety of applications in the scientific, military, marine, and telecommunications industries. 

So far, the company has developed three complementary, but stand-alone products, which share a common development approach of building on proven component technology, aggregated into well documented OEM solutions, with feature rich firmware and software.  Complete product and applications documentation enables system-level OEMs to improve the functionality, costs and time–to-market for their new products.

OceanServer is  located in Southeastern Massachusetts, between Newport, Rhode Island and Woods Hole, Massachusetts, in an area of great innovation for marine instrumentation, robots and underwater vehicles, medical devices and a wide variety of computer related equipment. With the availability of talented engineers, skilled manufacturing contractors and University-sponsored technology development programs, the area provides a solid resource base for continued innovation and growth.

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3-axis Digital Compass Products Intelligent Battery and Power Systems (IBPS) Iver2 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
OceanServer Technology, Inc. OceanServer Technology, Inc. OceanServer Technology, Inc.
Tiny, low cost RS232, TTL and USB compass solutions  for precise heading, pitch and roll data Scalable Lithium Ion Battery Systems to make virtually any device battery powered Affordable marine platform with easy to use mission planning software for a variety of applications
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