Brentwood Plastics, Inc.Plastic film and layflat poly tubing is custom manufactured by the blown film extrusion process at Brentwood Plastics

To achieve specific plastic film properties, Brentwood Plastics custom blends different low density polyethylene LDPE film resins - LDPE, LLDPE, EVA, PEVA and metallocene.

Brentwood Plastics is a food packaging supplier of FDA and Kosher approved food packaging.

In addition to flexible packaging, many other markets and applications such as medical devices and medical device packaging are served.

Brentwood Plastics, Inc.If a time-tested mature PE film app for your end use is not available, Brentwood Plastics will design and develop a proprietary plastic film for you, not necessarily from polyethylene. 

Brentwood Plastics website is searchable by application, by industry and Google search bar at the top of each page.  Learn more about our approach on our blog and youtube channel.

All film is sold by honest weights and measures with attention paid to getting the maximum yield, or performance, out of every pound or kilo of film.

 For inquiries after business hours, contact Joel Longstreth at (513) 238 - 8552.

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