New Scale Technologies, Inc.

  What they do
New Scale Technologies creates disruptively small motion systems that enable design engineers to create smaller products. They bring new levels of performance to phone cameras, medical devices such as micro pumps and endoscopes, electronic locks, imaging systems, micro robotics, automotive modules, lasers, aerospace and defense systems, cryogenic and MRI-compatible instruments, micro fuel cells and more.

Core technology
New Scale’s patented SQUIGGLE® motor is the world’s smallest linear motor. It is half the size of competing micro motors, yet delivers ten times more precision and push force. Their TRACKER™ position sensor integrates a magnetic sensor with on-chip digital encoder, for smaller size and higher resolution than miniature optical encoders. They integrate their motors and sensors with equally small drive electronics and housings to create application-specific motion modules ready for integration into OEM products.

SQL Series SQUIGGLE Micro Motors for Mobile & Ultra-Miniature OEM Products
The tiny SQL Series SQUIGGLE motors offers greater power efficiency, higher reliability, and ten times better precision than electromagnetic motors. It is less than half the size of other piezo motors or micro motors. The patented SQUIGGLE motors design is simple and elegant with few assembly parts and can be produced at low unit cost in high volumes. This robust design withstands high shock and offers millimeters of stroke and high forces. Their ASIC drivers are easy to integrate and provide an equally small drive solution to their SQUIGGLE motors.

Miniature TRACKER encoders with the smallest size and highest resolution ... in a robust, cost-effective package
The TRACKER™ position sensor is a magnetic sensor array with integrated on-chip digital encoding. With small size, 2 μm resolution and low sensitivity to external magnetic fields, their miniature magnetic encoders are a robust and cost-effective alternative to miniature optical encoders.

On-chip encoding provides direct digital output using standard I2C protocol, eliminating the need for external pulse counters. A microprocessor can query multiple TRACKER position sensors and read position information directly.

The highest-resolution magnetic encoder available, the TRACKER position sensor is insensitive to light, shock, vibration, and high-particulate environments. It can be used as a linear encoder or off-axis rotary encoder.

New Scale also provides CUSTOM PRODUCT SOLUTIONS utilizing their vast experience in miniature motion systems development, which enables rapid integration of their motion control systems into your production designs.

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