Welcome to MacroAir Technologies, the original designers and manufacturers of high volume low speed (HVLS) fans and today the marketing and applications group for genuine MacroAir™ Airvolution™ and MaxAir™ HVLS Fans for cooling and ventilation, as well as heat de-stratification.

In the last ten years MacroAir and HVLS fan technology has established itself as one of the most functional HVLS air circulating fans to come along in the history of mechanical air movement. In fact a three-generational family-owned company in the air movement industry described high volume, low speed (HVLS fan technology) as the best thing to come along in 70 years.

MacroAir Long Term Commitment

MacroAir understands that perfection is not achievable but approaching perfection is what MacroAir is dedicated to. Functionality and simplicity have been and will always be the goal of the company. They want the HVLS air circulating fan to be of value for many years after the purchase. They consider themselves a company more interested in what happens after you purchase their air circulating fan than before. If the HVLS air circulating fan is built right and installed properly MacroAir is satisfied and you will be too – for the long term.

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MacroAir Technologies MacroAir Technologies MacroAir Technologies MacroAir Technologies

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