Power Amp Design manufactures power operational amplifiers (op amps) for industrial applications. Our products attain power levels not achievable by monolithic op amps but are as simple to use. With an isolated metal substrate, integrated heat sink and fan cooling, our approach decreases weight and system complexity while increasing power density. The results are simple, high performance solutions for many power op amp applications. Most models are available without the heat sink and fan for custom applications. Our power op amp models are supported by evaluation (development) kits and optional accessory modules that add extra features and performance. SPICE models can be downloaded for your circuit simulator program. Expert application assistance is readily available as well.

Since 2002, our products have served diverse applications that include, among many others:

  • Sonar transducer drive
  • Ink jet printer head drive
  • MRI
  • Scanning tunneling microscopes
  • Surface scanners
  • Magnetic deflection
  • Motor drive
  • Deformable mirror telescopes
  • Mass spectrometers
  • ATE pin drivers
  • Vibration canceling amplifiers
  • Semiconductor production equipment
  • Ultra-sound transducer drive

Power Amp Design offers an expanding choice of catalog products, but can also design custom amplifiers for your application, as well as modify existing designs to meet your specific requirements. For custom installations, most amplifier models are available without the heat sink and fan or can be supplied mounted to a passive heat sink.

All products are manufactured in an ISO9001 facility. Each catalog product is supported by an evaluation kit, accessory modules that can modify and enhance the performance of the basic amplifier, SPICE models for your circuit simulator and application articles to expand on data sheet information.

Click here to download our V7 12th Anniversary full line catalog.

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