Our portfolio of Thermo Scientific air monitoring instruments bring expanded capability to environmental monitoring through the combination of proven detection methods with innovative technologies. No matter what the reason for monitoring, we understand our solutions must deliver quality results, performance and appropriate reporting capabilities you can confidently depend on.

Ambient Gas Monitoring Source Gas Monitoring

When it comes to monitoring criteria pollutants, particulates or greenhouse gases, our Thermo Scientific Ambient Gas analyzers provide solutions to best fit your monitoring needs. We offer comprehensive solutions for the detection of gaseous pollutants, using state-of-the-art technologies. Offering EPA and internationally approved methods and instruments, we have a product that’s right for your application. Our line of Thermo Scientific Ambient Gas analyzers was engineered on the proven success of our iSeries platform that provides ease of use for all operators, regardless of experience level.

Whether you are monitoring CO2, SO2, NOx, Mercury or any other source emission gases, we offer a gas analyzer that’s designed for your application. In addition, you will also find the calibration equipment, probes and accessories you need to get your instrument or system up and running. Our iSeries Source Gas analyzers are built for reliable continuous-duty field operation. They’re designed for easy maintenance that’s faster to perform, making them available and accurate in recording the data you need, when you need it.

Occupational and Environmental Health Continuous Systems

Providing solutions for the monitoring of gases or particulates, in both general use and areas requiring intrinsic safety, our Thermo Scientific Occupational and Environmental Health instruments are the most versatile products available today. With solutions for industrial hygienists to first responders, in a wide range of situations including occupational health and safety applications we provide monitoring instrumentation for the presence of irritating particulates, combustibles, and toxic gases, improving worker and plant safety.

We understand that system design, integration and support are all about knowing the application. It’s about creating a solution that works at your site, they way you need. Our application expertise comes from over 40 years of providing monitoring solutions to help our customers. Whether it’s to meet regulatory standards, or to allow for more efficient process controls or research environmental impacts, we have a variety of field-proven solutions for your application.

Occupational and Environmental Health Continuous Systems

Thermo Scientific offers continuous, point and tilt point level gauges, gamma density gauges, fluid density and specific gravity density +K475, in addition to gamma level gauges product lines. Look for solutions in a variety of applications including oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, food and beverage, and general process industries.

Fast, accurate, comprehensive gas analysis data enables model predictive control systems to be updated in real-time, resulting in production unit optimization and maximum profitability. Thermo Scientific mass spectrometers are found in many applications such as hydrocarbon processing, biotechnology, in addition to iron and steel applications to optimize a diverse range of chemical production processes as well as to monitor fugitive emissions.

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