MSE MSE designs and manufactures miniature sensors for flow, surface, and particle measurement based on exclusive technology originally developed at the California Institute of Technology. Their standard products have found use worldwide in research, educational, and industrial applications. If you have specific needs, MSE’s experienced design team can work with you to find a custom solution: their standard products will be built into a sensing package to fit your requirement, or, if necessary, MSE's experienced scientists can develop new sensors to satisfy even the toughest specifications for speed, ease of use, ruggedness, and data acquisition.

MSE's standard products include three optical velocity sensors that cover the gamut from boundary layers and microchannels to free-stream facility and field measurements. All three sensors can measure speed and direction simultaneously. No external laser is necessary, and all three sensors are self-aligning, feature lifetime factory calibration, and can optionally be battery-operated.

The miniLDV is a compact laser Doppler velocimeter unlike any other on the market today and features standard standoff distances* from 33 to 240 mm (1.3 to 9.4 inches) and can be ordered in one, two, or three-component assemblies.

The microV is a unique time-of-flight sensor which, with a standoff distance* of just 7.4 mm (0.29 inches), can perform measurements in tight spaces where the miniLDV is simply too big.

The microS, another technology exclusive to MSE, uses diverging interference fringes to directly measure the velocity profile extremely close to a surface—at distances* of either 75 or 135 microns.

The miniPCS is an optical particle counter and sizer with field-proven reliability and ease of use. The on-board electronics perform the data acquisition, processing, and result storage, using GPS for time and position synchronization and radio communications for triggering and status reporting.

The flowLab is a unique, table-top-sized water tunnel with exchangeable test sections, perfect for educational demonstrations and experiments and small-scale flow research. The two-inch test sections accommodate a variety of included models and are designed to work perfectly with MSE's flow sensors.

*Standoff distance is measured in air. Distances will be longer in water.
miniLDV - a compact laser Doppler velocimeter for flow and surface speed and direction  
microV - a unique time-of-flight sensor for flow speed and direction  
microS - a unique sensor for wall shear stress and separation  
miniPCS - a field-ready particle sizer and counter with on-board processing  
flowLab - a table-top-sized water tunnel for education and research  


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