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“Our unique test method for large nuclear safety injection drive turbines utilizes MIRUS equipment in order to prevent harmonics from affecting a nuclear plant’s power distribution system. Testing now can be safely performed under full plant power at a significant savings.”

Jack Little,
President, ILD Inc.

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Power quality
solutions you can trust

When your project or process depends on efficient, high quality electrical power distribution, you need solutions that truly deliver. MIRUS designs and manufactures innovative, energy efficient power quality products that meet the needs of all stakeholders in any application where power electronic non-linear loads, such as computers, broadcasting equipment or variable frequency drives, are in use. Engineering consultants tasked with the responsibility of protecting these sensitive loads can rely on them to deliver a full range of products that meet this challenge while delivering the added benefit of energy savings. Electrical contractors can deploy MIRUS solutions confidently, since they are standards compliant, easy to install and fully supported by their organization. And end-use customers can be assured they’re getting the power quality and energy savings they have paid for. MIRUS solutions meet, even exceed, today’s harmonic, environmental and efficiency standards. Whatever your objectives are, MIRUS offers you solutions you can trust.


MIRUS solutions meet, even exceed, today’s harmonic, environmental and efficiency standards.

Real-world expertise

Since 1991, MIRUS International Inc. has supplied unique power quality solutions to a host of industries for a variety of applications. Using their roots as engineering consultants, MIRUS applies their practical problem-solving skills to develop solutions with real-world loads in mind – and real-world challenges. MIRUS finds solutions for the most difficult power problems, designing some of the highest efficiency transformers and harmonic filtering products on the market.To ensure that their customers get the best solutions available, MIRUS puts their own products to the test. Using their unique Harmonics & Energy Lab, they examine all their product lines under real-world, non-linear load conditions. So what you read in the spec is what you get on-site.

MIRUS's expertise is being applied throughout the world with projects completed in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, South America and North America.

Mirus International, Inc. - Lineator

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