Kleiss Gears, Inc.

Kleiss Gears specializes in the custom design and manufacture of injection-molded polymer gears with a full range of gearing services including design, tooling, molding, inspection, prototyping and testing. They apply the latest in polymer gear research to optimize the performance and application of modern polymers - resulting in precision gears that are strong, light-weight, and quiet.

As an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer, Kleiss Gears partners with their clients to produce the best polymer gears for their unique application. They manufacture a total system that works - not just a gear.

Kleiss Gears' four step approach to gearing includes:

1. Design – their unique Shape Optimized Gear Design™ produces gears that are custom designed for their intended use, solving design challenges such as power transfer, strength, noise and weight.

2. Tooling – their tooling is cut for precision, correcting for non-linear shrinkage, and made for longevity.

3. Molding – they practice the science of repeatable precision molding, ensuring accuracy to within 0.0254 millimeter (0.001 inch).

4. Inspection – they have invested in the equipment and developed the software to accurately measure the variables of molded polymer gears, guaranteeing that the gears will do everything that they intend for them to do.

Contact them today to learn more about how Kleiss Gears can help you with your next gearing project.

Kleiss Gears, Inc.
Kleiss Gears, Inc. Kleiss Gears, Inc.

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