Since 1996, S-Bond Technologies has helped customers solve difficult joining problems. Using their quality manufacturing facilities in Lansdale, PA or in processes adapted in your facilities, S-Bond® products provide reliable high strength hermetic bonds between a wide variety of dissimilar materials.

S-Bond products join metals, ceramics, piezo-electric ceramics, silicon and other semiconductors, glasses, and carbon materials such as diamond and graphite. The wide range of materials joined with their lead-free and fluxless active solders make S-Bond the choice for many applications. S-Bond is a bonding technology that employs their patented active solders which contain Ti and rare earth elements in combination with base solder alloys.

Using S-Bond's expertise in Active Solder Technology, they have developed a range of solutions that allow the cost effective assembly of unique combinations of materials without plating or fluxes. Examples include copper to aluminum and graphite to aluminum for thermal management systems, sapphire to metal for lightweight sensor assemblies, and silicon carbide to titanium and other metals for lightweight armor and wear resistant surfaces.

SBT offers a range range of products and services to suit your development and production assembly needs. S-Bond materials are alloys of conventional solder formulations that wet and bond without the use of flux or preplating. All formulations are lead and cadmium free and conform to the requirements of all lead free solder initiatives (RoHS, etc.). Formulations are available in ingot, wire, foil, pellet, and custom preforms.

S-Bond offers development and concept testing services, prototyping, and any lot size production requirements, including total fabrication, (make complete) and provides support services to integrate S-Bond active solder joining into customers’ assembly production lines.

Contact S-Bond Technologies for solutions in such markets as:

• Aerospace
• Electronics
• Energy and Electrical Power
• Defense
• Automotive and Transportation
• Telecommunications
• Medical
• Oil/Gas
• Other Industrial Applications

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S-Bond Technologies LLC
Thermal Management

S-Bond joins Al- Al , Al-Cu, Cu-Cu
and Al-SiC and finds application in
the bonding of cold plates, vapor
chambers and heat sinks.

S-Bond Technologies LLC
Solar Panel Joining

S-Bond solders have been shown
to be effective in bonding metallic
conductors to silicon and glass panel surfaces.

S-Bond Technologies LLC

S-Bond active solders and related
processes are being used to make
a wide variety of sensor components.

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