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Nothing comes easy in Oil & Gas. From dusty oil fields to salty platforms to high-pressure, high-temperature subsea operations, tough challenges come with the job. Added reliability, cost efficiency and reduced risks are critical in exploration and production to delivery, storage and processing.

Dow Corning offers a range of technology-driven solutions for upstream, midstream and downstream operations. Put our experience, expertise, creativity and global support to work for you. Learn More …

Get advanced solutions for energy production equipmentImprove productivity and process efficiencyIncrease reliability and equipment service life > Silicone rubber insulation for
   subsea flow assurance
> High-performance resins for
   corrosion coatings
> Liquid elastomers for coating,
   blocking and cable void fillers
> Anti-friction coatings for
   dope-free pipe connections
> High-temperature lubricating
   oils for centrifugal pumps

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XTI-1003 RTV Silicone Rubber Insulation
> Oil/water demulsifiers
> Hydrocarbon defoaming
> Resin-coated proppants
> Sand/fines consolidation

Download: Silicone Foam Control for Oil & Gas (PDF)
> Anti-seize pastes for threaded
> Anti-friction coatings for drill bit
   collars and tooling
> Valve lubricating and sealing
> Flexible sealants for joints and
> Form-in-place pump and
   gearbox gaskets
> Solvent-resistant sealing

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