ECON Technologies

ECON is a leading designer and manufacturer of instruments and equipment for test and measurement. Headquartered in Hangzhou, China.

With more than 10 years experiences, ECON is also a comprehensive solution supplier for Vibration Test, Vibration and Noise Measurement and Analysis, Structural Model Test, Transducer Calibration, and Environmental Reliability Test.

  • Leading role in design and manufacturing of instrument and equipment for test and measurement in China.
  • A global sales and marketing network.
  • Over 5,000 instruments installed worldwide: China-Mainland, Taiwan, Europe, USA, Russia, Mid-east, India, Korea, Japan...
  • Customers among Aerospace, Aviation, Automotive, Electronics, IT & Computers, Packaging, transportation, Institutes and Universities...
  • 70 employees, with an experienced and innovative R&D Team.
  • A subsidiary company specialized in environmental test service.

Company Developing Record

  • 2002 Founded in Hangzhou, based on years of experience in test and measurement.
  • 2003 Produced first vibration controller based on Multi-DSPs technology, and made successful promotion in market.
  • 2004 Produced first dynamic signal analyzer based on Multi-DSPs technology, and made successful promotion in market.
  • 2007 Complete study and development of first Multi-shaker/Multi-axis vibration controller, and successfully achieved first project.
  • 2008 All main products got CE certificates, and the company was ISO9001 certificated.
  • 2009 Move to new factory with 6,000 sqm facility; Complete development of transducer calibration system.
  • 2010 Complete development higher channel account system for test and measurement.
  • 2011 Complete development of first servo controller for control of servo-hydraulic shaker.

Product Range

  • UCON Vibration Controller
  • PREMAX Higher Channel Account Vibration Control and Measurement System
  • ECON TechnologiesMIMO Vibration Controller
  • MISO Vibration Controller
  • Vibration Measurement
  • AVANT Measurement Instrument Products
  • Dynamic Signal Analyzer
  • Conditioning Amplifier
  • Shock Measurement Analyzer
  • HVS Servo-hydraulic Vibration Testing System
  • Transducer Calibration System
  • Experimental Modal Testing and Analysis System

ECON Technologies
We convert customer requirements into future products features through continuous innovation.

ECON Technologies
Specialized and prospective design assures quality and performance of our products.

ECON Technologies
All products manufacturing and test are carried out under strict criterion.

Quality Control
ECON Technologies
All products have to pass though strict QC and inspection system.

ECON Technologies
Instant response and service to satisfy our customers.

Application Test
ECON Technologies
Accumulate applicatin experiences for better performance.

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