General Digital Optical Bonding Laboratories

General Digital Optical Bonding Laboratories

Since the inception of the General Digital™ Optical Bonding Laboratories™ business unit in 2001, they have nearly perfected the art of Display Enhancement. They have overcome many of the challenges faced by today’s display user: light-emitting displays, including CRT, LED, OLED, LCD, Plasma and other technologies, all suffer from a visibility problem when exposed to uncontrollable outdoor lighting, which often means high ambient lighting levels. General Digital™ Optical Bonding Laboratories™ understands the needs of today’s user and possesses the knowledge and expertise to vastly improve your display’s readability.

Visit General Digital's LCD Monitor Web SiteIn addition to display enhancements, General Digital™ also manufactures rugged LCD monitors in a variety of sizes from 5" to 46" and beyond. Their product line has something to suit nearly every application, including standard panel mount, rack mount and standalone monitors, as well as more innovative designs such as 1U and 2U flip-up (or flip-down) LCD monitors with integral keyboards, and dual display designs (rack mount and flip-up/down). For more information, they invite you to visit General Digital’s™ LCD Monitor Products web site.

General Digital Optical Bonding Laboratories - Clearly the Better Choice.

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