AuCom Electronics Ltd.
AuCom Electronics is a New Zealand company specializing in the design and manufacture of soft starters and reduced voltage starters.

Choose from a complete range of soft starters, from 1kW to 1MW. Whether you require a simple product for soft starters only, or a comprehensive solution for your motor control and protection needs, AuCom offers a product to match.

AuCom offers:

  • Technical expertise in soft starters and reduced voltage starters
  • A proven track record in soft starters since 1978
  • Excellent manufacturing efficiencies
  • Plus the flexibility to meet your motor control and protection needs.

AuCom's soft starter distribution partners offer an excellent product range for motor overload protection, a growing international brand and a high level of support. They work hard to ensure their partners have the knowledge, resources and confidence to successfully sell soft start solutions in their local market.

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