As a leader in Ultracapacitor technology, LS Mtron delivers the paradigm of energy storage all over the world. Their LSUC® and LSHC® products should be suitable choice to your system from small sized electric products to huge railway system with its high efficient performance and characteristic.

LS Mtron wants to grow into a company that provides leading solutions and be a place where its employees can achieve their dreams.

LS Mtron Ltd. LS Mtron Ltd.

All employees of LS Mtron stand behind the vision of becoming your innovative technology partner and are doing their best to make LS Mtron a "world-class company in this global age."

LS Mtron will secure world-class core technologies and find and implement the most efficient solutions based on a market knowledge that can understand changes in the markets and in customers. They will lead their customers in order to grow into a global leader.

LS Mtron Ltd.Ultracapacitor

LS Ultracapacitor (Ultracap) is a promising energy storage device that is positioned between conventional electrolytic capacitors and rechargeable batteries.

High power, high energy and long-term reliability features of LS Ultracapacitors (Ultracap) enable this component to be used in various applications such as backup power units, auxiliary power units, instantaneous power compensation, peak power compensation and energy storage as well.

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