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Leine & Linde AB
Leine & Linde AB

Leine & Linde manufactures both incremental and absolute pulse encoders for providing feedback on speed and positioning of rotary movements.

Leine & Linde always puts the customer at the center and believes in listening to and cooperating with its customers. Working together allows them to constantly produce new technological innovations. Their production and distribution, together with quality of supply, are thoroughly quality-assured. This, together with the unique reliability and long service life of their products, makes them the first choice for many designers.

Leine & Linde was founded in 1967. Four decades later they are a global company, with offices and distributors all over the world. Via branch offices in North America (via Heidenhain Corporation), Europe and ASIA, they are able to support their customers at all times with a high level of availability and service.

Leine & Linde continually strives to use and develop techniques and processes in order to meet future requirements in terms of production and products. In every aspect of their work, they are anxious to conserve natural recourses and to optimize energy consumption. This commitment has resulted in Leine & Linde achieving ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

Leine & Linde manufactures robust incremental and absolute encoders and accessories. An incremental encoder is a type of sensor that is often installed on an electric motor and which is used to provide feedback on the motor's speed. Absolute encoders on the other hand are used to indicate an exact position for some kind of motion. The areas of application for these encoders vary considerably, and the products can be found in many different industries, for example in the paper, steel and wind power industries. Encoders are also regularly used in various types of measuring or testing systems.

Leine & Linde sets high quality requirements and works continuously on improvements in order to meet future demands for encoders. As a customer, you will benefit from a product that is adapted specifically for your application. A robust encoder with a long lifetime and high quality down to the smallest detail. An encoder from Leine & Linde means that you can avoid unnecessary production stoppages. Find out about their unique range – and improve your profitability!

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