Benchmark Maintenance Services, Inc.

Benchmark Maintenance Services are pleased with this opportunity of introducing themselves to you online!

Benchmark Maintenance Services, Inc. specializes in installation of rotating machinery. They offer Sales, Service and Training in the use of laser systems for shaft alignment, belt alignment as well as geometric measurement which is the measurement of straightness, flatness, square, etc. They also offer simple vibration instruments used for Condition Monitoring programs.

At Benchmark, they have a strong understanding of all forms of maintenance from the Reactive maintenance mode through to the Proactive mode. They have had training in both Reliability-Centered Maintenance and Total Productive Maintenance.

The new E710 Easy-Laser® Wireless shaft alignment system.

They believe that the best return for your maintenance dollar is in preventing a failure rather than predicting when it will happen. This they think is proactive maintenance. The cornerstone of Preventive Maintenance is in the installation or re-installation of your equipment.

Experience matters.

Benchmark's Core Business is training. They started out teaching shaft to shaft alignment using dial sets in either Rim Face or Reverse Dial procedures. It has now developed into a two day complete installation course. Their program is designed to be a very practical, hands-on, nuts and bolts approach to training. They sell the most economical Laser Systems in North America – the Easy-Laser® – for shaft and belt alignment as well as geometric measurement. It is their strong background in training and service that makes the difference for Benchmark in laser sales. They can show the end user what is behind a laser system and what technology is being used. This leads to a clear understanding of what is being done during the alignment/installation process.

Benchmark Maintenance Services, Inc.
X-Viber Vibration measurement

Benchmark Maintenance Services, Inc.

Benchmark's Future

Benchmark may have started and will continue with shaft alignment, but their future will be in Geometric measurement. With the Geometric laser system you can measure straightness, flatness, parallelism, horizontal plane plumb and square. They actually have systems for specific applications for your needs including:

Tooling Machines
For measuring straightness, flatness of machine tables or spindle direction, etc.

Linebore application
Crankshaft and camshaft bearings in engines, bearing journals for shipping, etc.

Turbine application
Diaphragms and bearing journals measurement in turbines etc.

Roll alignment (for steel/paper mills, printing/plastic film etc.)

Parallelism, straightness and leveling etc. for rolls

Windmill application
Flange tower measurement flatness of etc.

Straightness and pointing direction of extruders, hydraulic pipes, etc.

Benchmark's mission/goal is to educate an industry that these systems are available. Using outdated equipment such as optical measurement or piano wire does not give a repeatable measurement result. If you care about productivity and reliability of your machine performance then owe it to your self to see the equipment they offer. Benchmark is the national and sole distributer of all Easy-Laser® products in Canada.

When it comes to machinery installation, They Make it Easy!
Benchmark Maintenance Services, Inc.

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