Rockwell Sensing, Safety & Connectivity

Rockwell Sensing, Safety & ConnectivityAt Rockwell Automation helping manufacturers succeed and grow is what they do best, with industrial automation control and information solutions designed to give their customers a competitive advantage. From stand-alone industrial components, to enterprise-wide integrated systems, their solutions have proven themselves across a wide range of industries and in some of the most demanding manufacturing environments.

End users and machine builders (OEMs) alike rely on Rockwell Automation’s comprehensive portfolio of products, software and services to deliver value and help them meet their objectives:

  • Rockwell Sensing, Safety & ConnectivityFaster time to market through the speed, responsiveness and flexibility of automated manufacturing
  • Lower total cost of ownership through scalable, modular, energy-efficient and open automation control and information systems
  • Better asset management/optimization through diagnostics, condition-based monitoring, failure analysis and storage management
  • Broader manufacturing business risk management through process variability analysis, regulatory compliance and safety solutions

Around the world, Rockwell Automation is committed to putting their customers' needs first. Their global capabilities extend across 80 countries and include a Partner Network of more than 5,600 regional and global specialists in distribution, system integration and product referencing. Simply put, they are there with the right solution when and where their customers need them.

Rockwell Automation is well-positioned to provide leading edge solutions for years to come. Backed by a strong financial base, they continue to acquire expertise and invest in the aggressive research and development that fuels innovation.

Rockwell Sensing, Safety & ConnectivityRockwell Automation’s mission is to improve the standard of living for everyone by making the world more productive and sustainable. That’s what they do every day. Their products, services and solutions contribute directly to the consistent and improved quality of hundreds of products people use every day: cars, food, drinks, personal care, pharmaceuticals and more. Their technology helps customers ensure these products are reliable, affordable and available when the market demands. These products start with the raw materials from the resource-based industries they serve including oil and gas, paper, metals, and water to name a few.

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