Air Control Industries (ACI)
The provider of effective industrial air movement
and surface drying solutions.

ACI designs and manufactures centrifugal industrial blowers
and air knife drying systems for all sectors of manufacturing.

Air Control Industries Inc.   Air Control Industries Inc.   Air Control Industries Inc.

ACI Industrial Fans

Offering a selection of industrial fans and blowers, including centrifugal, radial bladed and axial fans, all of ACI’s air movement products are available with a comprehensive range of motor specifications and accessories, including ATEX approved.


Airknife Drying Systems

For processes requiring the removal of surface moisture, coatings, dust & contamination from a wide range of materials and shapes, ACI high-performance Air knife systems provide clear performance & efficiency advantages.


Jetblack Personnel Cleaning

Are your employees using compressed air to clean themselves off? Are you concerned for their safety and OSHA regulations? ACI’s JETBLACK personnel cleaning systems offer a unique, cost-effective, OSHA compliant, and SAFE way for personnel to clean and de-dust themselves using proven blower technology.

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