Quick, Competitive, Custom Designs
For Linear Motion Control

Del-Tron Precision Inc. manufactures linear bearings including:

  • Slide Guides
  • Linear Actuators
  • Pneumatic Actuators
  • Lead Screw Actuators
  • Linear Motion Control Devices And Actuators
  • Linear Ball Bearing Slides
  • Crossed Roller Linear  Slides
  • XY Linear  Positioners
  • Motor- Ready Lead Screw Driven Linear Bearing Stages
  • Friction-Free Linear Air Actuators
  • Recirculating  Linear Slide Guides
  • Linear Crossed Roller Rail Sets

Products range from subminiature slides to heavy duty positioning tables, both straight line design and re-circulating type.

  • Modified slides can be incorporated into your design.
  • 3D CAD drawing files can be downloaded into your design.
  • Linear slides and bearings driven by lead screws, pneumatics or micrometer heads

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